zadego Social Media Suite efficient Marketing in the Social Web

More than just Apps! The Social Media Power Tool!

zadego is the smart all in one solution for your social media marketing! Easy to use, flexible and scalable. Efficiently managing your Fan Page(s) with our Social Media Suite and embedding the various zadego Apps on your website, almost anything is possible!

Multiposting and
Feed Management

You are managing more than one Facebook Page? Then you might have encountered the problem that monitoring all Pages' timelines, inboxes and user feedback at the same time is quite a challenge. That's why we developed a feature called "Streams"! With "Streams" you are able to monitor and interact with all relevant channels (timeline, inbox, user comments and -posts) within one browser window - not only for one Page, but for any number of Pages you are managing.

zadego Social Media Suite:
your one-stop solution!

You are looking for the one social media marketing tool for your company? Then you've come to the right place! With its wide range of different Apps, ranging from the simple iFrame App to our full-fledged shop system, zadego's Social Media Suite provides you with everything you need to kick-start your social media marketing! 

Also available as flat rate:
zadego for your agency

Our agency partners are managing the Facebook Pages of many different clients. Sometimes only for the duration of a single campaign, but in most cases, these agencies are managing all of their customers' Facebook activities, including communicating with the users, running campaigns, and doing monitoring and reporting. With our "Agency Flat Rate", agencies are provided with everything they need to deliver the best possible service to their clients.


  • Everything at a glance:
    With zadego's Social Media Suite all your Pages and all the Apps you have installed on them are displayed in an easy-to-view manner. All important functions for publishing, editing or adding content to additional Pages are only a few clicks away.
  • Flat rate for power users:
    Whether you are an agency or a large company - if you are managing multiple Facebook Pages and want to retain maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing apps, the zadego flat rate is your go-to solution! Contact us now for more information!
  • Analytics for your campaign management:
    How many users visited your content? Are your campaigns performing well? Beginning with the subscription plan "Page Manager", our Suite comes equipped with the feature "Dashboard" to supply you with analytics for measuring the success of your activities and campaigns.
  • Flexible user management:
    Create content in zadego and then hand it over to your employees for further editing. You can choose between only granting others the rights to edit your content or completely handing the app over to another person/account.
  • Creating communities:
    Thanks to our Social Media Suite's versatility, you can almost do anything! Begin with activating your users now and initiate interactions. Start building your community!
  • Security & Performance:
    Our experienced team of developers puts great value upon data security while at the same time delivering best performance. Thus we make sure that enough server capacities are available at all times - even during your largest campaigns.
  • Smooth User Experience:
    Developed by usability experts, a standardized workflow implemented throughout the whole zadego Suite makes sure that you always end up with the final product after only three easy steps: Setup, Preview and Publish.
  • Apps utilizing your Corporate Design:
    Easily customize our Apps to match your Corporate Design during the setup process. Thus even Apps that, since they generally yield high success rates,  are being used by a large variety of our users, can still make your user feel like the Apps have been created especially for your Facebook Page.
  • Saving time thanks to Multiposting:

    A feature developed especially for larger companies and franchises. You have dozens of branch stores that each has its own Facebook Page? Start publishing to these directly from within our Social Media Suite now! Once you are finished editing your post, simply choose the Pages you want to publish to and with a single click your post appears on all selected Pages.
  • Just as unique as your business:

    You need a custom template for your Facebook shop or any other of our Apps specifically customized to fit your needs? No worries - our designers and developers will help you make your project become reality!
  • Managing timelines with zadego Streams:

    Manage all of your timelines, inboxes and user feedback right fron inside the zadego Suite. No more need to open up loads of different browser tabs to keep track of everything! With zadego, you have all communication channels right there, in one single browser tab. Perfect for interacting with your users and a real life saver in times of crisis.

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